Customer Reviews

Absolutely committed to your success with IT



Security, Managing Director

I would highly recommend the services of eDesk; their approach to our business is second to none. We have called at unsociable hours and still received the highest levels of professionalism and whether it's a computer problem or small change to our website, help really is on hand 24/7.



Consulting Structural Engineer

I have benefited from the services of eDesk as my ‘IT Department’ since 2004. Steve has ensured my computing facilities remain secure, up to date and best suited to my aims and responsibilities in a rapidly developing structural design market place. For me, eDesk means IT confidence.



Author & Publisher

eDesk has proved ideal for our needs. We get quick, expert advice, and neat solutions, for our home-office network without being made to feel inadequate.



Road Markings, Managing Director

For us, eDesk is just like having our own I.T. department, but a lot less expensive.



Internet Entrepreneur

eDesk is my “IT Department.” As a small business owner, I dont have time to mess around with IT stuff. Steve takes away the pain and frustration caused by IT problems so I can get on with my core business. In fact I’ve never had an IT problem that he couldnt solve quickly and easily. He is a wealth of knowledge, and unlike many IT support engineers, Steve is very friendly and helpful.