Security, Managing Director

I would highly recommend the services of eDesk; their approach to our business is second to none. We have called at unsociable hours and still received the highest levels of professionalism and whether it's a computer problem or small change to our website, help really is on hand 24/7.


Consulting Structural Engineer, Managing Director

As an engineering consultancy, we have benefited from the services of edesk as our ‘IT Department’ since 2004. edesk have ensured that our computing facilities remain secure, up to date and best suited to our aims and responsibilities in a rapidly developing structural design market place. Thanks to edesk and in response to our customers’ expectations our systems have been rationalised, augmented, replaced, relocated from one end of the country to the other; and enhanced with minimal pain and disruption. For us edesk means IT confidence.


Internet Entrepreneur

Steve is my “IT Department.” As a small business owner, I dont have time to mess around with IT stuff. Steve takes away the pain and frustration caused by IT problems so I can get on with my core business. In fact I’ve never had an IT problem that he couldnt solve quickly and easily. Steve is a wealth of knowledge, very friendly and helpful.


Fine Dining, Managing Director & Chef

We have used Steve at Edesk since 2005, and within that time, Steve and his team have transformed not only our Websites but our whole outlook on IT. Without the help of Steve and edesk we would still be one of the vast majority of companies who see the Web as something to be feared and not harnessed. But we have harnessed it, with top end user friendly websites, a staff training website that keeps all the staff in our organisations up to speed, plus monthly customer newsletters and interactive monitoring which all helps drive customers to our business. I would definitely recommend Steve and his team for all your IT and Web needs.


Road Markings, Managing Director

For us, eDesk is just like having our own I.T. department, but a lot less expensive.


Property Developer, Director

Over the last 8 years, we have found Steve at eDesk provides a very comprehensive and professional service. From handling our websites & hosting to IT support, component selection and procurement, his response time is always exemplary. Thanks to Steve, we have very user-friendly websites that generated a lot of interest in our properties. Unlike a lot of IT professionals, Steve is capable of conveying his wealth of knowledge in plain English and is always friendly and approachable. We would not hesitate to recommend Steve and his team for all your IT and Website requirements.


Finance & Recruitment, Managing Director

Steve has been an invaluable support as I set up my first company (within a tighter than ideal time schedule!) and continues to serve my existing company well, at the same time as helping me with a totally unconnected business venture. He is a very positive provider of solutions, in a sector where in the past I have heard too much of “Oh no, you certainly can’t do that”. Steve works extra hard to find a way of doing it. He has given me the confidence to develop 5 websites already, with another pending. Not only is he a good fixer and creator, you also learn a lot from him – he is not one for hiding some of the trade secrets. He does the work but also explains what he has done and why. All in all, a very reliable and supportive Consultant who does what he promises and at a very sensible cost.


Internet Retailer, Business Development Manager

We have found Steve at eDesk to be professional and approachable in an area where a small business needs not only expertise but recommendations to improve their processes within IT. Steve has always managed to solve any IT issues we have had and is always flexible and committed to his approach. We would not hesitate in recommending Edesk to any other companies in order to assist with a whole range of IT requirements.


Author & Publisher

eDesk has proved ideal for our needs. We get quick, expert advice, and neat solutions, for our home-office network without being made to feel inadequate.